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The New Heroes Building Project

The new home for the Little Heroes fund is 2 Thomas Street in North Providence RI


We are looking to family, friends, and the community to help bring this great building back to life. With great potential this can be not only Little Heroes Home, but a great asset for other local Non-Profits and North Providence. 


Thank you Mayor Charles Lombardi and the Town Counsel for working with us to make this a win win for everyone. 


Hero Project Punch List / Wish list

Patch roof and stop leakage (12-20 holes in terracotta tiles effecting nearly 100 tiles)

  • Fix damaged sub structure to the roof frame if there is water damage

  • Rubberize or Re-rubberize the flat part of the roof

  • Fix all the soffits

  • Fix, or replace window frames

  • Re paint the exterior of the building

  • Fix broken windows

  • Remove flooring

  • remove subflooring

  • New sub floor

  • New Flooring

  • Build interior offices

  • Install Security Cameras

  • Run Low voltage wiring (Phone cable and internet services)

  • Remove Paint in entire building (May be Lead and needs to be disposed of properly)

  • Repaint entire interior

  • Replace exterior gutters

  • Remove interior Ceilings due to water damage

  • Replace new Ceilings with New Interior Lighting.

  • Check ventilation system

  • Replace and update Fire Detection

  • Replace and upgrade Fire Alarm

  • Check Electrical to make sure up to code.

  • Demo Bathrooms

  • Check Plumbing

  • Remodel Bathrooms

  • Check Heat system and radiators

  • Replace or repaint Fencing

  • Rip up Curb

  • Replace curb

  • Landscaping

  • Repave or reseal parking area

  • Install Exterior lighting

  • Remove graffiti

  • Replace or install new entry way

  • Refurbish original Dedication Plaque and keep much of the history of the building in tact.

Working within the State and local guidelines we will need professional help from our skilled friends and family. 





Power washers






and probably more.....

See below for schedule
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