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There are Heroes Every Where, but it is the Littlest heroes that make the biggest Difference.

The Little Heroes Fund is the creation of the Deneault Family.  Inspired by Daughter Danica, Dawn and Erik Deneault decided to help special needs children all over North America by providing a way to provide medical therapy tool, toys, and mobile devices for kids and families that need assistance. For nearly 20 years Sandra and Daryl Deneault, Erik and Shawn Deneault, and now Dawn, Dylan, and Gianna have helped raise tens of millions of dollars for local charities including Hasbro Childrens Hospital, Special Olympics, Meeting Street, Boys and Girls Clubs, and others. 



It was not until the birth of their third child Danica that the Deneault family realized the need for such an organization.  There is so many difficult times, decisions, and obsticales to face with a child of special needs. Insurances denials, the high costs of services or equipment, and the time needed by the parents.  With several annual fundraisers the Little Heroes Fund tries to reuse and refurbish equipment to be able to provide an inventory open to any one.  We will except and distribute good or better condition equipment and try to educate families as to options available they may not have other wise known. 

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